About JDA & Associates

JDA & Associates was founded by Jay D. Ahlbeck, CLU, ChFC in January of 2003. The key attributes of our company are listed below:

Independence: Although we offer large institutional services, JDA & Associates is an independent “boutique” firm focused on providing clients exceptional financial solutions across institutional boundaries and without any bias toward a single employer or company. We believe it is this independence that allows us to focus on our clients with objectivity.

Jay D. Ahlbeck, CLU, ChFC
Founder and President of JDA & Associates

Experience: With 29 years of experience in financial services we are time tested and have perspective on both growing and declining markets. It is our years of experience that allow us to approach many different situations with an even hand, knowing that the emotions of the day, or the product of the moment are often transient. Our experience helps us guide our clients through good times and bad.

Resources: JDA & Associates works hand in hand with our affiliates Planning Capital Management (PCM) and Schwab Institutional. Planning Capital Management is a Registered Investment Advisor where we establish fee based accounts for comprehensive assets management. Through Planning Capital Management webuild diversified investment portfolios customized to specific client objectives. Schwab Institutional supports independent financial advisors like JDA & Associates and provides access to institutional products, clearing services and acts as the custodian for our client accounts.

Competitive and Clear Fee Structure: We believe that our fee structure should be both competitive and transparent. In most circumstances our services are “fee based” and not “commission based”. In all circumstances we make it clear how we are paid. We feel that fee based compensation best aligns our interests with our clients so our business grows when our client assets grow.